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see this has happened in europe. when you have this kind of brinksmanship over and over and over again, and you go back and forth, markets start to get very burden they've been very volatile. and i think businesses have been holding back on investments. you can see big capital spending by businesses in last four months has been way down, about 8%. there should be a boom going on right now. we have a construction market boom, we have an energy field that is booming. companies would be spend physician we could get over this cliff. >> schieffer: i'm hearing some liberal democrats will say let it go over the cliff. i mean, would they really do that? i mean, because what would happen, then you would have, i guess, the tax cuts would expire. but would they let these draconian cuts in, say, defense spending, where basically, the military wouldn't be able to buy gasoline for their vehicles and that kind of thing. >> i think it's a dangerous argument. now, i think the truth is if you go over the cliff for a couple weeks, no, that's not going to be a disaster to the economy if there's a deal in
in europe and insiders look to travel fund. but if you'd like to connect with us we'd like to hear from you go to and click on connect.
. looks like he is now leaving western europe just dropping off some presents in britain and also ireland, working his way across the atlantic ocean. we are at 4.1 billion and counting. tracking santa tonight. this is an early christmas present for snowfall total if you are a fan of snow. over the weekend, 57 inches of snowfall. heavenly, 54 inches. there is more coming up tonight and tomorrow. 140% of normal is the show pact right now. last year, 27%. we have five times as much snow this year compared to last year on christmas eve. tonight we will be in the 40s. 24 concord down to 40. a little chilly for the kids early tomorrow morning. low pressure moving in. there is not as much moisture to go with this. also, the storm tracker will be a little bit far to the north. we're not expecting any flooding. what i do expect, high pressure to build back in. we will be sunny and dry to wrap up christmas week, but we will be wet tomorrow. rain moves in from north to south. we're not expecting a repeat of all the severe weather we had over the weekend. mountain viewh view, 54. 51 for naapa and low
all over europe. >> yeah, right. >> if she's looking for her next destination, where should she go in europe? >> by train. that's what you do. >> you can sleep on it it's your hotel room for the night. >> it is but by december 31st book this deal. you get a global pass on eurail and it gives you access to 23 separate countries. you can sleep through all of them. >> you don't have to sleep through the country, but on your way to the country. >> exactly. >> skip a night paying for the hotel. two hotel deals. >> first, hilton worldwide, 40% off on weekend stays, that's across all their brands, and the best deal of all is right here in new york you've heard of restaurant week we call the dead week. they are not calling it hotel week from january 4th to the 20th. 26 different hotels here in new york offering deals as low as $100 a night versus $500 and up from that period of time from january 4th to the 20th you cannot beat that. >> i want to travel. >> i love traveling, although thinking about the train, i was once on an overnight train in europe, it literally shu
minister. it happened at a meeting of the coganization for security and cooperation in europe, known as the o.s.c.e., and margaret brennan is covering for us tonight. margaret. >> reporter: well, scott, officials familiar with those talks say the russians now think that bashar al-assad may not survive the war, and they want to have influence in syria if his regime falls, or if he loses control of the chemical weapons inside of his country. u.s. officials are particularly concerned that those weapons dould fall into the hands of an al qaeda affiliate active within syria. r: pelley: so what's coming next? >> reporter: well, it's a start to a new round of diplomacy. the russians have refused to meet for months, but this is not nabreakthrough. the russians are signaling they're willing to help with the political transition, but they are still officially supporting haad. secretary clinton says the russians have refused to give him asylum. oher countries have offered, but so far, he is not negotiating his exit. assad has vowed to fight to the death. >> pelley: margaret, thank you. when the
challenging. >> schieffer: i know europe a coffee drinker. have you been able to drink coffee? >> no, i'm thoroughly uncalfinated right now. and it's a terrible state of human existence. i don't see how people do it. look, this has been a difficulty for me for just one week but it's a reality for americans for months at a time. i have a social media platform called waywire, where people are posting their own experiences on this, which-- and a really amazing testimony from americans. this is a daily reality. so in this time in our country where we see a decoupling between economic growth creating wealth for some but a real decoupling as wages decline. you have families whose wage wages have frozen or dropping, still working the same amount of hours, working 22 jobs and still find themselves dependent on programs like food stamps and snap, and if we cut these programs we cast them into food insecurity, which does have a long-term deleterious effect on our economy, especially as we send kids to school nutritionally unfit to learn and military families who sacrifice so much for us and veter
to the weather and a deadly cold snap sweeping across eastern europe. freezing temperatures there have claimed more than 200 lives. ukraine has been hardest hit, it has been snowing there for weeks. at least 80 people have died in the ukraine, most of them homeless. in britain, it's the rain. devon in south west england just is one of the areas deluged by storms. even a christmas tree and a town center can not escape getting wet. what about the weather across the u.s. in the next couple of days? the holiday travel season is now under way, and a.a.a. expects more than 93 million americans to be on the move at some point, most of them by car. meteorologist jeff beradelli at our miami station wfor joins us. the next couple of days could affect travelers, could affect shoppers. what kind of weather are we going to see across the country? >> reporter: jim, it's mainly good news. it's pretty quiet across most of the united states right now, with the exception of the west coast. we have a big storm slamming into there. now tomorrow is going to be pretty quiet also across the united states, so travele
that whirlwind trip through europe. i was along with her on that. and it was quite a hectic scheduled. after that, the stomach bug, which others had, also, on the trip. overcame her, and she suffered this concussion. it's not clear when she's capitocoming back. >> margaret, even people in the billion don't know. even people at the top levels of that department are also getting their news from the statements, know very little about what she's doing, how she's doing. and what a twist for her. this amazing run, unquestioned praisefor four years, and all of a sudden this bad report, sort of weird absence, politico today reporting that chelsea clinton troops in take a higher role in the next months. she's been doing some charity work through the clinton foundation sandy recovery. > recovery. >> schieffer: what is she going to do? is she going to run for something, too? >> a lot of democrats hoped she would run fair congressional seat. we're told that's not the case. but she'll be out there sort of as the clinton face, as-- >> this lack of disclosure i think is trouble responsible i really do think the
with someone like mr. storm, you had a westerner, someone who had a passport could travel in western europe and someone who wouldn't fit the typical security profiles. >> storm said he had no doubt his efforts led to the death of al awlaki. while the story might be true there are a lot of people involved in these operations. >> absolutely. i think there's never a single piece to the puzzle in finding a terrorist like anwar al awlaki. there's usually multiple angles multiple sources, multiple ways of intelligence sources finding someone like him. no doubt there were operatives giving us information, giving other intelligence services information, but that's how intelligence work happens. it's putting pieces of a puzzle together, and i this i that's what happened here with finding and ultimately killing of anwar al awlaki. >> i was fascinated to see the western bride angle that awlaki would like that western bride. it makes sense why he has the western recruits but a western bride as well? >> keep in mind rebecca, that anwar al awlaki was born in the united states, made
saudi arabia and ecuador and europe. >> most of them are one kid writing one letter at a time. >> reporter: they read like dreams instead of superficial demands. >> dear santa, i wish gabrielle's wishes would come true. >> they aren't meant for chris kringle at all. >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. i love you, gabriella. >> reporter: only a month ago, the friends learned their vivacious daughter had an inoperable brain tumor. thanks to make a wish foundation, gabriella gets to travel to paris; but before going, this fourth grader had a selfless epiphany. she asked for leters to santa. macy's donate a dollar for every letter received. gabriella said other girls struggling like her -- >> every night i burst into tears. >> i will not stop praying for you. >> reporter: they blew past their goal of 10,000. >> each bag probably has a few thousands letter ins in it. >> reporter: social immediate i don't made it a reality. >> really buoyed her spirits which otherwise might have felt lonely and dark. >> then all expectations were shattered. one hundred thousands became 150,00
a stomach illness following a whirl wind trip through europe. that virus led to extreme dehydration, which caused her to faint and sustain a concussion. according to doctors at george washington university hospital and mt. kisko medical center, she's been recuperating at home since early december. secretary clinton also suffered a blood clot in her knee when she was first lady. in her autobiography, she said that doctors attribute it to her nonstop flying. now 65 years old clinton's air travel has only increased. illness has sidelined clinton during the final weeks of her term as secretary of state, causing her to cancel a december 20th appearance at congressional hearings into the attack on the benghazi consulate and the announcement of senator john kerry's nomination to succeed her as secretary of state. >> he has a deep respect for the men and women of the state department. >> reporter: clinton's last public appearance was december 7th in belfast, northern ireland. she spoke then about her upcoming retirement and said she looked forward to having time to relax and th
was positive and that was key after getting positive manufacturing reports out of china and europe with the market going in the right direction this morning. let's take a look at the numbers. the dow is up by 34 points. nasdaq gaining 12. s&p moving higher by 4 points. back to you guys. >> we'll take it. jason brooks with kcbs and, thank you. >>> well, a new study says that when you got to go, social media apparently goes with you. [ laughter ] >> apparently so. >> people are tweeting on the toilet. according to some new data, nearly one-third of social media users ages 18 to 24 make social connections while in the bathroom. and the same goes for 28% of those 25 to 34 and 15% of 35 to 44-year-olds. both sexes are equally likely to do it in the bathroom. so if you want to borrow someone's phone -- [ laughter ] >> if they are over 50 maybe. otherwise, forget it. >>> today is an anniversary that will please or annoy you. 20 years ago today neil pap worth sent the first-ever text message merry christmas and sent it to the cell phone or vodafone executive richard jarv
they are facing a similar probe in europe. >>> stock market has been focused on "fiscal cliff" talks of late. negative sentiment last week, some hope after some weekend talks. so let's see how the market is doing now. dow higher by 52 points. nasdaq is up by 14. s&p gaining 7. apple shares flat, google up 1.5% on the "wall street journal" report. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >>> well, if you can avoid the post office today, you may want to. expect long lines there. it's going to be the busiest mailing day of the year with a crush of holiday packages. there will be a 20% increase in package deliveries compared to last year. that could help the struggling service recover from the recent billion-dollar losses. >>> it's time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is in newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: good morning, brian, elizabeth. it is a tough morning here in newtown with the first of the funerals beginning today. but we're also hearing some remarkable stories of bravery and heroism. ahead gayle king talks
a key because big tech firms have been under pressure by "fiscal cliff" concerns as well as europe's debt crisis. >> the market off two excellent sessions back-to-back triple- digit gains. flat now. the dow at break even. nasdaq is up by 4. s&p trading lower by a fraction. brian and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. >>> time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now live from new york. good morning. >> good mornin. we'll talk to john miller about the national rifle association's response to newtown and what he just learned about gun sales across the country. and an inside look at how experts might be able to recover clues from the smashed up hard drives the shooter and a special look at the classic songs of the season with jazz legend the one and only winton marsalis. we'll be here in the studio starting at 7:00 so john and monique start thinking about your favorite christmas songs. >> gale, it's brian and michelle. >> john and monique have left the studio. >> i'm sorry, brian and michelle. >>
centuries ago when europe was coming out of the dark ages. it was a period of humanism when the world-- and, in particular, the catholic church-- was open to new ideas in philosophy, science and individual liberty; a celebration of the human spirit. it's the pope's library, but it contains much more than church documents-- manuscripts going back nearly 2,000 on music, math and exploration; even cookbooks and love letters. a place for scholars only, but a place we can only hope can inspire an end to barbarism. welcome to the 15th century. in rome, turn a corner and you bump into antiquity, a delicious mixed salad of present and past. we arrived at the vatican to find a medieval costume parade in progress. what better way to begin a trek through history? >> timothy janz: there's about two million printed books. >> safer: two million printed books. and inside the library, the past surrounded us again, as we were shown the magnificent building and its riches. >> janz: this is the urbino bible. >> safer: for instance, this spectacular bible, commissioned in 1476 by the duke of urbino... >> janz:
has been invited to perform in europe and is preparing for a concert in los angeles next summer. and so, in this holiday season, we offer the kimbanguist symphony orchestra with handel's "messiah." >> ( singing handel's "messiah" ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kroft: happy new year. i'm steve kroft. we'll be back next week with another edition of "60 minutes." i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpkin pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as... -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. balsamic, vinegar and oil, authentic italian herbs. just a few of the ingredients you'll find in hidden valley's italians and vinaigrettes. you know hidden valley for our ranch, but you've never taste
, have been shown in galleries across europe and asia with the man on the lecture circuit to explain how they work. >> a backbone which makes a circular movement like this. >> reporter: is this engaging mixture of engineering and whimsy really art? yes, it is says the head of sculpture at london's royal college of art. what is it that draws us in? >> i think audiences like to experience wonder before things. this is an encounter of wonder and awe. >> reporter: wonder, awe, and sheer enchantment. the beasts are irresistible to passers-by. and passing dogs. the secret of their uncanny life-like walk, he says, is the proportion of the leg parts which he worked out as a computer algorithm. >> one of the major criteria was that a leg shouldn't spend too much time in the air. just go back to the ground. we have to think of real animals trying to seek balance. >> reporter: he is hoping for a major exhibit in the u.s. next year. his only worry? that the manufacturer will stop making his raw material. >> this is enough for the rest of my life. >> reporter: is it really? for the rest of your life?
life in europe hanging out with people who think it's wacky to be locking up people for smoking pot. >> reporter: in a show from amsterdam, steves gave a preview of what soon could be coming to cities and towns in washington. >> throughout netherlands, bars selling marijuana are called coffee shops. they have over 300. >> reporter: he says america should not fear. >> consumption is not going to go up a lot. by every statistic, our government and dutch government americans smoke more pot than the dutch and they have the most liberal laws on pot. >> all we've achieved by prohibition is to fill our jails and to make drug dealers quite rich. >> reporter: he says legal marijuana, even with high taxes, will be cheaper than illegal marijuana. >> you want to put the drug dealers out of business? >> absolutely. >> reporter: now that marijuana is legal here in washington the state will start collecting taxes on it. they hope to raise some $500 million a year. but there is one catch. marijuana remains illegal under federal law. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone,
's independent says the stone age people in northern europe were making cheese 7,000 years ago. >> yes, it was found in a 7-eleven eye opener. >> eye opener at 8:00 is brought to you by the aarp. >>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is off. >>> talks to avoid the fiscal cliff are off. they talked twice this week and boehner says they still have serious differences. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and gayle. the knives are coming out in the fiscal cliff process. i don't mean the political ones. today i've learned house members, republican and democrat, received a letter ordering 11% across the board spending cuts in their own office budget to comply with the government line across the board spending cuts if there is no fiscal cliff deal. dealing with those cuts might force some action. that's going to be necessary. the stalemate right now is genuine. president obama wants republicans to commit publicly to raising income tax rates on the top 2% of households. republicans want the president to commit to spending
a car wash at the end of the runway. they've done it in europe. it works like a charm. you're going to save time money and chemicals. and things actually work. if somebody can explain that one to me. >> how about hotels, peter? >> now i'm getting angry. this is my gift for the hotels. 100 watt, 150 watt, and 200 watt light bulbs. you know why? no hotel room should be paid for their job until they spend a night in their room. don't trap me with mood lighting. you put me with mood lighting i'm in a bad mood. people do not change their lifestyle. i like to read in my room. like to be able to see in my room. so new light bulbs. >> i'm going to try to push you over the travel cliff by talking about cruise lines. what should they be doing. >> very simple. more sea, less ports. i'm a big fan of the time you spend at sea. i think there's nothing less desirable than being in port with a straw hat trapped on a bus going to a location. >> where everybody's sent. >> you don't have to always be herded on and off the ship. >> how about travelers? what's your gift for them? >> no mo
change, a hair-dressing set. that's not some obscure toy store. it's one of the largest in europe and part of the toys are us empire. you wouldn't see that kind of gender-bending mass marketing in america, right? the author of pink and blue. she says the only reason we think of boys in bluees and girls in pink is because of mass marketing. in the 1920s a common custom babies with brown eyes wore pink. baby with blue eyes wore blue. their gender didn't matter. parents didn't focus on it like they do today. we talk about mask lint and femininity. they didn't believe babies had that. they believed there was something that emerged. >> parents dressed boys and girls the same in their younger years and it didn't seem to harm the kids. >> this little boy's mother put him in something that looks like a dress. he grew up to be our 32nd president franklin d. roosevelt. >> but manufacturers began too realize if they can agree on how to separate clothing and toys by gender they could sell more to everyone. pink and blue could have gone the other way. there was a good bit of pink on men in the
play in europe or buy a soccer team. what's definite beckham says is that he will not be a coach. >> when a harness race near tirg took an odd turn the track announcer didn't miss a beat. >> as they race down the back side bambi has the lead. >> deer was watching the race and decided to join. they left after a short time. the track announcer said dambi won by a nose. no word on the size of the pay out. >> it's about three minutes after the hour. time for another check of the weather with lonnie quinn. >> you wonder how many bucks people bet on that. here's what i see in the weather picture. we have a big storm that's out west right now and we're talk a lot of snow in the higher elevations, type of snowfall totals you measure in feet tens of feet. over four days they can pick up 18 feet of snow is a record. elsewhere, a little system in the northeast. let's zoom in tight. right on top of new york city we have a warm front that is draped across the city and consequently warm fronts do what they do they pull in warm air. this front will be pushing to the north. take
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